Thursday, July 31, 2008

Taylor Grace has arrived!

Taylor Grace Davenport was born on Monday, July 28 at 2:13pm. She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. We feel unbelievable blessed to have Taylor in our lives... we are pretty smitten with her. So far, everything has gone great and we're just adjusting to life with our new family member. Here are some pictures when Taylor was just a few minutes old...

Here are some pictures on the day we took Taylor home from the hospital...

Life at home... here is Brett reading to her for the first time.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. Praise the Lord for our sweet, amazing, healthy blessing! More details to come....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TGD Update

Well, I went to my last OB appointment yesterday and am still at 2 centimeters. We will be induced on Monday (28th) if she doesn't come before then. We're excited to have an end in site! Brett will be able to take off all next week, so that is a huge blessing. We're both still working this week, but we plan to drag ourselves out to dinner as much as possible while we still can! We will keep you posted on any news...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We are ready!

Many of you have asked for an update... well, we are almost 39 weeks and ready for Taylor to come! I am almost 2 centimeters dilated, and next Monday, if I've progressed more, we will probably schedule an induction date. I will keep you posted. Here are some pictures of the finished nursery...

Her clothes are all washed and ready-to-go!

I think this is so sweet... both of our mothers found gowns that Brett and I wore and got them washed and ready for Taylor to wear. Brett was a tiny bit dismayed to see that he wore a gown that his daughter can wear!

Here I am at 38 1/2 weeks... only because you begged!

Please pray for a safe and speedy arrival of our sweet daughter, Taylor Grace!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back-to-back Baby Showers

A couple weeks ago, we had 2 baby showers in 1 weekend. The first one was in Memphis and was a couples shower from our friends at church. It was at Mitch and Lauren's house, who are our wonderful next door neighbors! We had great weather and their back yard was perfect for the shower. Here is everyone after eating barbecue for dinner.
Jenny made an amazing diaper cake... I personally think it's her best one yet! She is talented!!

Brett was THRILLED to get to open baby gifts with me. :) We had to explain what most of it was to him as we went along... he's learning quickly though!
Here is Brett trying to figure out what a tummy time mat is...

Most of the guys at the shower- Andy, Jonathan, Mark, Ryan, Joel, Dan, Brett, Barrett, Mitch, Baxter, and Benton.

Megan, Molly, Kim, Kelly, Katie, Michelle, and Jill. Michelle and I are due a few days apart with Jill following just a few weeks later!

Stacey, Kelly, Becca, and Lauren
Cecile Gray, Jill, Kelly, and Jenny

Thanks to everyone who helped with our shower or came to it! We had a really great time and it meant a lot to have the support of such wonderful friends!

Our second shower was in Nashville that my sweet cousins threw me (Rachel and Alex). It was at my grandmother's house and was mostly family and friends of family who attended.
The "Hostesses"- Rachel and Alex

Me with my mom

Rachel and Alex made an amazing diaper cake as well! They are like little Martha Stewarts! We are so excited to have a good jump-start on having diapers in the house... although it is going to be sad to take this pretty thing apart.
During the shower...
Lots to open!
Thank you Rachel and Alex (and Aunt Susan and Nano)! Everything was perfect and I appreciate it so much!