Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Months in Memphis

We have 1 week left in Memphis... I can hardly believe it. Brett finished his last day of residency on Friday and takes his boards 1 week from today. Then, he is driving the Penske truck all the way up to Burlington with my dad. It's going to be a crazy 2 weeks!

I have hardly blogged this spring because we've been so busy with everything. I wanted to post the pictures from our last few months in Memphis!

In March, Taylor learned to ride her big girl bike... she has loved it! She can now ride all the way around the block by herself. I am getting some exercise pushing Will in the stroller behind her! She can go pretty fast... :)

Brett and Will spent some last days in his garage... Will loves his "da da." He says da da constantly!

We've been playing as much as possible on the swingset...

Here we are at our church's Easter egg hunt.

Gram had the Easter bunny come by and visit at her house... Will loved it!

We had some pictures taken at our church by one of my good friend's cousin, Christi. She did a great job working with our crazy family.

Taylor loves to give and receive haircuts... fortunately for her, Will has lots of good hair to work with. Poor Will!

On Mother's Day with my sweet ones...

Will is crawling now! He can get around fast... just in time for packing up the house! He's *very* helpful.

Brett's 31st birthday at Chickasaw... they really go all out on their candles!

First time in a swimming pool for Will...

Tay with LG... they are going to miss each other!

Tay's last day of Sunday school...

On Father's Day...

Here are the pictures from Brett's OB/GYN Awards reception. Brett got the REI award!

With his fellow residents...

As a joke, the 3rd year residents gave out "golden speculum" awards... love that OB/GYN humor!

Our sweet friends had a wonderful going away party (Bye Bye BBQ) for us... we had the BEST time. We are going to miss everyone so much!!