Sunday, August 25, 2013

Will's Pirate Party

My Will turned 3!  And we celebrated by having a Jake and the Neverland Pirates dinner with "his friend Will" and his family.
 Taylor really helped me a lot this year setting up for the party... we had a lot of fun doing it together.
Will's favorite- Crocodile Creek
Going on a treasure hunt... they found chocolate gold doubloons, party horns, and necklaces.
 Lobster dinner... Brett is getting good at this!
 Cake time!
Happy birthday, sweet boy!  We love you so much!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Under the Sea Party

Here are some pics from Taylor's 5th Birthday party!  Taylor thought long and hard, and decided she wanted an Under the Sea/Little Mermaid water party.  She had 8 friends come over and they had a great time together!  I am still hearing the Little Mermaid soundtrack in my head- we had "Under the Sea" on repeat for 2 hours at the party!
 My mom and I made mermaid tails for all of the girls... they were a hit!
 We had 2 slip n slides, a pool, a sprinkler ball, and a lot of squirters!
 Making pearl necklaces
 After all the water fun, we came inside and got dressed up!
Chocolate sea shells and sand dollar oreos in graham cracker sand... thank you Pinterest.
I made this myself... and by "make" I mean that I went and picked it up at the grocery store!
 Playing "Pin the Crown on Ariel"
 My sweet girl told me she had a great time at her birthday party... then she said "thank you for all your work."  No lie.  It made it all worth it!

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Taylor Clan

We have had such a fun summer getting to visit with all of our families.  Our last batch of family came up a couple weeks ago... my Dad, Linda, Dave, and Amanda came up from Nashville.  We also had some extended family come up the same week.

I love going downtown to Splash and eating lobster rolls on the dock!  The boats are great entertainment for the kids...
 The entire clan went over to Aunt Brooke's house one night for dinner and swimming.  My cousin Chelsea has 2 kids the same age as Taylor and Will.  They had a blast playing together!
So peer pressure can be a good thing at this age!  Both Taylor and Will were "keeping up" with their cousins.  Taylor was jumping in without her water wings and swimming to the stairs, and Will was actually getting in the water and playing!
It was birthday present time from Mimi and Grandaddy!  New bikes and Vermont Teddy Bears!
One night, we cooked out at the camp where some of our family was staying.  The kids had fun fishing, but I think Brett enjoyed it the most. 
We went up to Stowe for the day and went down the alpine slides.  It was so pretty going up the chair lift this time of year... so different from winter!
Lobster night... yum, yum yum!