Sunday, October 27, 2013

End of Summer and School!

 I finally found the time to put up our end of the summer/school pictures.  Now that we are well into the school routine and all the leaves have turned and fallen, these seem like a distant memory now!  Here we are hiking Mt. Philo on a gorgeous day...
 The kids got bikes for their birthdays and learned how to ride them on our town's high school track.  Taylor just took off without training wheels... she was so excited!  I think Taylor went around the track about 15 times that day.  Will also did great with his big boy bike.
On Taylor's birthday, I gave her my American Girl Samantha doll that I had when I was a little girl.  I was probably more excited about it than she was, but I still think she was very pleased!
 We made lots of trips to The Mill for creemies, of course.
 On the Friday nights that we weren't walking to The Mill, we went to Burger Night at the Bread and Butter Farm.  This year, they had a fun wagon ride that picked you up at your car and took you into the farm. 
 Taylor and Will really got into the live music... I couldn't tell if they were technically dancing or wrestling.
 Finally, it was time for Kindergarten at Orchard School!  Taylor was so excited about going to school and was also thrilled with the idea of riding the bus.  The day before her first day, we went to open house and got to meet Mrs. Garland and see her classroom.   She wasn't nervous at all- just excited. Her mother, on the other hand, was a bit of an emotional mess, but I hid it well with large sunglasses.
 Then we went to lunch afterwards...
 And Taylor's final request the night before kindergarten was a "dance party." 
 Here we go!
Two months later, I am happy to say that Taylor still loves school and still loves getting on that bus!

Will started Discovery Preschool for two mornings a week this year.  Here he is on his first day!