Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring is here!

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather lately! Taylor had some friends over last weekend (Lilley Grace and Jake). Brett almost threw Jake out of the back yard, but decided to give him a second chance after they had a long talk about his unacceptable behavior...

Lilley Grace and Taylor had a fun time in our back yard...

Brett had a few days off, and our back yard was in some major need of some tlc. We laid a bunch of sod and mulch for 2 solid days.


We tried to keep Taylor as entertained as possible while we were working outside, but I think she enjoyed it.

Taylor does the exact same thing I used to do when I was concentrating while playing the piano. She sticks her tongue out when she's thinking extra hard!

Her life is just exhausting...

Taylor still loves to play with Bailey and can now follow him around the house while crawling.

We also went to the zoo on one of the days Brett was off... by the looks of Taylor's smile, I think she enjoyed being carried around by her dad!

We let her get down and crawl around for a little bit... she kept trying to eat the dirt and it was all over her face!

She also LOVED the donkey in the petting zoo... she laughed so so hard when he would come near her.

This is her new permanent smile... she scrunches her nose...

I can't believe she is already 9 months!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Here are a bunch of pics from our Easter weekend. My mom came down on Thursday and brought Taylor's Easter dress that she smocked. She did an amazing job on her little bunny dress!

On Saturday, we went to our church's Easter egg hunt and had a picnic. It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day.

We had several visitors come over and visit on our blanket... here are our neighbors, Mitch and Jake.

Taylor is already showing signs of becoming a dc girl.

My dad and Linda came into town on Saturday and spent Easter day with us.

We went out and played on the swing set in our backyard. Dad took lots of great shots of Taylor...

Here we are on Easter morning in our front yard before we went to church.

It was a struggle to get a decent picture of Taylor sitting by herself. She kept crawling away and digging her hands in the dirt!

We really enjoyed visiting with all of our families on such a special weekend!