Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!

It is hard to believe that Taylor turned 6 months old yesterday... she was all smiles on her half birthday.

We had a great day yesterday... here she is waking up from her 12 hour night sleep.

We had a surprise outside when we woke up...

We first headed to the doctor for a check-up and shots. Taylor loves the big mirror on the exam table. This is definitely prior to the shots...

Here's Taylor in her high chair for some lunch (peas). She wasn't wild about them but tolerated them okay.

We played the rest of the day away...

We went out to eat for dinner, but Taylor got peas again.

So I started to get a tiny bit sentimental last night, because I don't think it had sunk in that Taylor is quickly growing out of the little baby stage. I spent an hour rocking her before bed (and we never rock her to sleep), and then Brett was sweet to watch all the camcorder footage from the last 6 months with me. I think it's so easy to get wrapped up in the "survival" phase that it's hard to appreciate and enjoy every day with your little one. Taylor is an absolute joy to us and we are so thankful to the Lord for giving us such a rich blessing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taylor's First Christmas

Taylor had a great first Christmas... we got to celebrate with all of our families. We went to Nashville a few days before Christmas and Taylor spent time with Grandaddy and Mimi. Mimi fixed a delicious Christmas dinner...

Here is Taylor sitting up all by herself! She really started sitting up on her own while we were opening presents.

Taylor's favorite toy from Grandaddy and Mimi was an exersaucer. Her Uncle Dave spent several hours putting it all together- thanks again Dave!!

We next spent some time with Marms and the whole clan... we had a delicious Christmas Eve dinner at Maggiano's and then spent Christmas day at Nano and Dado's.

We came back to Memphis the day after Christmas and spent the day with the Davenport's. Here is Taylor with her cousins Tucker and Eady.

The 3 of us got to spend some time together after Christmas. We had our own Christmas morning and made a big breakfast.

We ran some errands later in the day and it was so warm, we had to go to TCBY!

We ate Mexican food for dinner (Pancho's) and watched movies. It was a perfect, relaxing end to Taylor's first Christmas!