Thursday, April 18, 2013

March Madness

Here are some photos from last month... for whatever reason, we had a lot going on in March.  We celebrated our 10 year anniversary, Brett went on 2 medical conference trips and a ski weekend with his family, and then we all went to Destin with Grandaddy and Mimi for their spring break.  My mom then came to see us after that!

We went on an overnight date and stayed downtown to celebrate our TEN year anniversary... so crazy!  We went to The Whiskey Room for appetizers and then to L'Amante for dinner.  
I love breakfast dates!  Here we are at Magnolia's... and yes, that's kale I'm eating for breakfast.  Vermont is rubbing off on me, because it was delicious.
Here is Brett with his parents and brothers at the Sugarbush Resort in Warren, VT.  Ah, the good ole days without those pesky wives and children...

We had a great time in Destin... very relaxing and fun.  Will loved the sand this year, and he even got in the pool!  Taylor is obsessed with making silly faces, so this is how most of our family photos go these days.  
The water was freezing, but that didn't stop my little thrill seeker.
We love walking around and eating in the Sandestin village... here we are in a giant adirondack. 
Dancing to some live music... so cute.
After a blue ring pop...
More beach time...
Part hugging, part wrestling...
The last night... we took some pics on the beach before going to dinner in the hotel. 
Dancing to live piano music at our fancy dinner.
My mom came in town just in time for Easter (and to help with laundry from our trip and clean my house)!  Our church had a special Easter service in a chapel by Lake Champlain.  It was so pretty...
I love the outfits Marms made for the kiddos!  
Mom and I took the kids to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory for a fun tour.
Buying "Ladybug Sara" bear and dressing her...  
I can't handle all of these poses.  Here she is trying on her costume for her tap recital- Good Ship Lollipop.
Sniff, sniff... here is Taylor at Kindergarten orientation.
At orientation, they had a bus there to train the children on how to ride and what to do.  She is thrilled at the idea of getting on a bus by herself to go to school. 
Not ready for this!!  It's going to be a long summer.  :)