Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland

We came home to a winter wonderland... I couldn't believe the amount of snow we had!  It has been a lot of fun to experience a real Vermont winter (keep in mind it's mid- January now).  I will probably be changing my tune end of February.  :)

We got snow shoes last year, but never got to really use them.  We strapped them on one Sunday and headed out our back door for some afternoon snow shoeing.  It is very good exercise!  Will was fine as long as he was in the backpack.  Since then, my neighbor and I have been going out by ourselves for a workout.  It's strange putting long underwear on to exercise!
Despite this picture, Will is still not a fan of the snow.  This is as far as he went... after checking out the scene, he turned around and headed straight back up the stairs.
 Taylor, on the other hand, could play in the snow all day long. 
Bailey loves the snow too, but sometimes, it's just too much for him to handle.
 Picking Taylor up at preschool... they go out no matter what!
Our deck....
 I love Vermont.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas "Vacation"

We decided to head back to the South for a tender Tennessee Christmas for almost 2 weeks.  It was great to spend time with family, but we were worn out by the end!  Here's some (or a lot) of pictures from our Christmas vacation....

At Green Hills Mall (my favorite mall in the universe)...
 Time at Mimi and Grandaddy's...
Playing with my old dollhouse... Taylor is obsessed.
 Making (or rather eating) gingerbread houses
 Will loved, loved, loved the Thomas the train engine that went around the tree!

 Dad surprised the girls with matching pj's... he did a great job picking them out!
One night, all the girls went to see The Nutcracker... here we are before the show at Puckett's Restaurant... so fun!
 Taylor loved every minute of The Nutcracker...
Christmas morning
Christmas Day at Nano and Dado's...  here's all the grandkids!
Will loves his Ray-Ray... and his Buzz Lightyear jet pack
The fam...
We stopped in Jackson one night to see Tim and Jen.  The kids had a ball together... Jen had lots of fun activities planned for them.  Here they are making some ornaments...
 More silly cousin time in Memphis

The fam...
 Grammy and Papa with the kiddo's...
 Our (very white) Christmas morning back home!