Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will's Half Birthday

Will is 6 months old now!

He is still such a sweetie... but he wants to be involved in everything! He is also becoming more vocal, which he is learning gets him more attention! Will loves to watch and "play" with Taylor... it's adorable.

So proud he can sit up!

And he loves to swing outside... we are enjoying the early spring weather right now.

At his 6 month check-up...

Played too hard and ate too much!

Here are some more pics I took on his 6 month birthday.

We love you, Will, and are so thankful for you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Will's Baptism

Here are some pics from Will's baptism a couple weeks ago... what a special time for our little family! I'm already getting sentimental about leaving our church here in Memphis... we love it so dearly.

I decided to make Will's gown at the last minute... I made it in about a week amongst getting our house on the market, Brett working nights, and potty training. It was a little crazy, but I'm glad I did it now!

We had a lunch at our house after the service for family.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Potty Training and Haircuts

Taylor is officially potty-trained. Whew! We tried (unsuccessfully) to force the issue months ago, but once she decided she was ready, it was pretty easy. And a little bribery also helped! Going #1 was the easy part for us... it was the #2 that kind of had her freaked out. But we finally had a break-through after promise of these 2 items: 1.) Make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins 2.) Get a haircut. Those were the 2 things that really had her excited... so as promised, we made the muffins and we got a haircut. She enjoyed every single second of the haircut experience.

Will has needed a haircut for a while, but I've been too sad to do it- he's not even 6 months yet! He did so well...

All finished!

Christmas- Part 2

Here are the rest of our Christmas pics... I know it's February, but I'm going to get caught up! We had Christmas with Grandaddy and Mimi first... we had a fun Christmas Eve with a big dinner and a shuffle board tournament.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Amanda

With Nana

Yummy dinner!

Making cookies... we had to take the icing away after a certain point.

We had another great Christmas Eve at Nano and Dado's house... poor Taylor was a little under the weather, but she still had fun. Everyone was very patient with her when she sang a lovely rendition of a never-ending "Away in a Manger." These are pictures that my cousin, Eric, took!

Taylor and Will both got hats ready for Vermont!

My cousins, Rachel and Alex... we love our new pj's!

Christmas Day at Marms and Papa's house...

We enjoyed our Nashville Christmas!