Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas- Part 1

So I'm a little behind on the blogging! We have had a lot on our plate recently, but I wanted to still put up some pictures from our Christmas season.

We celebrated with the Davenports the first week of December... the cousins had a lot of fun together!

Brett and I took the kiddos to the Enchanted Forest... Taylor loved the trains, and I think she wanted to take this snowman home with us.

For the first part of December, every time Tay would see Santa, she would say "Noah." So I'm not sure if she thought this was Santa or Noah... regardless, she loved it!

We had several baking projects throughout the season, and Taylor loved every minute. Cooking is one of her favorite things... or eating what we're making is her favorite thing. :)

Making a cake for Baby Jesus...

We celebrated our little family's Christmas on the 22nd before we went to Nashville... this was on our Christmas Eve before we went to eat Mexican (a tradition Brett and I began our first year of marriage)!

On our Christmas morning... this is the best we could do with the self-timer. Oh well! At least Bailey made it somewhat in the picture.

Will got an exersaucer and rice cereal in his stocking! He tried both of them for the first time and did great.

We then went to Nashville... We took Tay to Opryland Hotel and she had a blast running around. Love that natural smile of hers...

Throwing coins in the fountains... she said to us over and over, "I need more money." Don't we all?