Friday, July 30, 2010

Taylor is Two!

I know everyone says this, but I really can't believe Taylor is two! We had a little pool/splash party for her in our backyard and I think all of the kids had a lot of fun!

Before the party late at night, Brett was thrilled to get to blow up 3 pools, 28 beach balls, 12 fish, 2 flamingos, and 1 sea horse. He couldn't find his ear plugs...

All finished and ready to go!

We didn't realize Taylor was standing right in front of the sprinkler part of the pool and when we turned it on, it pelted her in the face... not a good way to start a party!

The juice box always helps though...

With her buddy, CC.

Instead of cupcakes or a cake, I made these little sand bucket cakes. They were yellow cake on bottom, vanilla pudding, then crushed up graham cracker, then little chocolate shells.

Taylor trying to blow out the candle...

Daddy helped expedite the process...

Yum yum!

Taylor thoroughly enjoyed the birthday process... she is still going around the house singing, "Happy birthday to me" and blowing out fake candles. We love you, Tay Tay! You have been such a joy to us for the past two years!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Catch-Up

We've had a crazy, busy, hot summer so far, and I'm really behind on blogging! But here's a quick update of the beginning of our summer.
Tay and I on Mother's Day...

Father's Day (during Brett's "nights rotation look")

I loved this picture... this was during a week when Taylor had a virus. She was pitiful... she had everything she needed though to try to comfort her... Bailey, pacy, pretzels, and Elmo on TV.

We finally took Tay for her very first haircut! She did a great job... I think she loved all the attention. We just got a small trim... Brett was like, that's it?? The girl asks for "tails" every day, so Daddy just had to get over it.

Yay! All done!

Brett had a garden this year, and here is his first tomato... it is the craziest thing. The plant is completely dead, but it had this 1 great tomato growing on it. What in the world?

Our neighborhood has a great 4th of July parade every year. Tons of people come and there's a firetruck at the end that sprays all the kids. Taylor was definitely taking it all in, but had a good time.

Getting a hug from her buddy, Jake.

I couldn't make it around the block this year, so Brett went with Mitch.

More updates to come...