Monday, May 24, 2010

Brett's 30th!

Brett turns the big 3-0 this week, and I wanted to do something special for him. He works so hard and rarely gets to relax and enjoy himself with friends. So we (Brett's parents and I) decided to throw him a surprise birthday party on Saturday night.

Prior to the party, Taylor and I made our special mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. I make it once a year for his birthday... this year, it was a little messier than normal and took twice as long. I can't imagine why...

We made sure everything tasted okay... over and over and over.

Here's Brett walking in on the surprise...

We had appetizers and drinks first, then an Italian dinner, then dessert!

Taylor and her cousins got to be there for the first part of the party and she had a blast.

Here she is jumping for joy after eating cake and playing in the fountain.

Brett with his parents and brothers...

Happy Birthday, B! We love you so much!