Friday, December 19, 2008

4 Month Update

So we've been really busy lately, but I wanted to give a 4 month update (even though it's a little late). Taylor is really becoming a lot of fun... she loves to play peek-a-boo and patty cake and also loves to play with Bailey. She will reach out for him and he lets her hold onto his fur. They also try to give each other kisses, which I initially freaked out about, but my doctor said to not worry about it. She is also rolling over a ton now... she will roll herself to where she wants to go! For this reason, we decided that we could not swaddle her anymore at night. She would roll over in her swaddle and sleep with her face planted into the mattress. We prepared ourselves for a bad night, but she actually did great! She slept for 12 solid hours... here she is waking up.

She has also started to play in her jumperoo. Here she is in it for the first time...

She still loves her swing and also loves to snuggle with either her giraffe or butterfly (or sometimes both) in it.

She LOVES her daddy... every time he comes home or enters the room she is all smiles (even if she was just fussing).

Here is Taylor at our church fall festival... she had a big time if you couldn't tell...

Taylor loves her next door neighbors...

Taylor was baptized a couple weeks ago... it was a very special time for our family. I don't have all the pictures yet (most are on my dad's camera), but here are a few. Taylor wore the gown that my mother made for me when I was a baby!

My amazing sister-in-law, Jen, thought it would be a good idea to throw a family lunch for Taylor after the baptism. Bill and Jennifer graciously provided their house and Jen did the cooking. The food was wonderful, and it was so nice to be able to visit with family and not worry about anything else. Thank you again Jen!!! And thank you to everyone who came into town for the baptism!

We had a quiet first Thanksgiving... we stayed at home and went to Bill and Jennifer's for a little bit. It was nice to have some much-needed family time with the 3 of us.

My mom also came into town to help me 2 weekends ago... we were going to have 40-50 people over to our house for one of the UT residency interview dinners. She came and cleaned my house and also watched Taylor so I could get a bunch of stuff done. It was wonderful... thank you again Mom!

We're so excited for Taylor's first Christmas... Merry Christmas everyone!