Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tay's 3rd Day of Ski School

Here is Taylor's first time down the "mountain" all by herself... afterwards, she did it about 10 more times. We finally had to bribe her off the slopes with hot chocolate. Later, we found out that she had already had hot chocolate, a cupcake, and a popsicle at ski school for lunch. Lovely.

We are having the mildest winter so far in Vermont! People keep telling us how crazy it is. It felt like we were skiing during spring break yesterday... so warm and sunny. We are hoping for some major snow soon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Catch-Up

It's about time to catch-up on pictures from Christmas! We had a really busy Christmas season, and I feel like we are just now back to reality. One of Taylor's favorite activities is making baby Jesus His birthday cake... here are the kids Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning in Vermont!

After a big breakfast and some time playing with toys, we left for the airport that afternoon for a Tennessee Christmas visit.

We went to Mimi and Grandaddy's house first. Here we are the next morning...
Taylor loves to play in her pink car and this time, she let Will in for the fun.
Taylor showing off one of her favorite gifts... a Belle doll.

We then headed to Brentwood to Marms and Papa's house. Here's our Christmas morning there...

Nano gave me and my sweet cousins, Rachel and Alex, matching pj's again!

Dinner at Maggiano's... yum yum!!

I think dessert was the favorite for Taylor and Will...

Our last stop was Memphis!

We enjoyed spending time with Drew and his girlfriend, Elsbeth.

We took a day trip to Jackson to see Tim and Jen and crew.

The kids had a great time playing together!

We loved seeing our friends in Memphis... thanks to everyone who got together so last minute! Taylor loved seeing all of her friends, but especially her buddy, Lilley-Grace.

We had a wonderful Christmas vacation, but it was time to get back after 10 days. Will says it all in our plane ride back to Vermont. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tay's 1st Day of Ski School

On Saturday, Taylor had her first ski lesson. We were so blessed to have warm weather for her first day. She even told me that she got sweaty! :)

Dropping her off... I think I was more nervous than she was.

Brett and I went and did a couple runs and then snuck back to watch her first "run." She never saw us in all the ski gear. Peer pressure is a great thing at this age!

Brett and I had a lot of fun skiing the rest of the day by ourselves! We could get used to this...

Taylor's 1st Ski "Run"